Whether it is your home or a commercial building, ventilation is one thing that you have to take care of. The weather changes so do the requirements. Compared to homes, businesses have to take extra care in making sure that the environment is conducive to a comfortable business environment. This is where HVAC systems come into the picture. HVAC simply stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It can be installed anywhere. HVAC systems have been a preferable choice for some time given that the system is easier to install and provides for environmental comfort.

How is it different?

People live in different environmental conditions and depending on whether it is cold or hot, you have to install either a cooler or a heater. This is where the problem arises. You keep the separate thing for both the weather. This can be inexpensive, but when it comes to working, they are inefficient. With an HVAC system, you no longer need to keep a different system in the winter or summer. It is made to adjust to all of the temperatures.

What is HVAC?

There is some setting in the HVAC system that your regular coolers or heaters won’t provide you. Apart from the regular functions, it can be set to offer humidity control. the option to add humidifiers and dehumidifiers can also be added to the cooling as well as heating systems. This is a lifesaver for those who live in dry environments or Tropics.

How many types of components of HVAC systems are there?

There are so many components that make up an HVAC system. It is not a single unit but a lot of elements that work together and can be installed according to the need.

The furnace.

The furnace is the major part of the system. Usually in the basement, it moves air from the heat exchanger into the air ducts. This is a lot different than the boilers but most people confuse it with the same.

Heat Exchanger:

It is not part of the Furnace, but the task of the component is to add heat to the incoming air from the combustion chamber.


The evaporator coil:

This part is located in the Furnace but has its job to do. A special type of fluid runs through its coil that absorbs the heat-producing the cold air. This is the reason for blowing cold air through the ducts

Condensing unit and refrigerant tubes:

This is for the outdoor HVAC unit and exchanges heat with the air that passes through it. The latter connects the evaporating coil with the condensing coil. They contain cooling refrigerant.


This is the most visible part of the system. It is on the wall of your home and you can either turn on the air-conditioning or heating system.

The ductwork:

The ducts move air through your home and are distributed equally. The air is provided through various sections of the ductwork. The vents are the ones through which the air comes into your room.


The task is different in warm as well as cold months. During warm months, it takes the heat from the inside to outside while as in cold months, it does the opposite.


HVAC systems are a perfect solution, not just for a house but for entire buildings. If you were to compare it with the regular heating and cooling systems, it is much better than that.